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Don’t Let Taxes Drive Investment Decisions  Thumbnail

Don’t Let Taxes Drive Investment Decisions

Over the past several years strong performance in Financial Markets has been reflected through the growth of our investments. Certain areas of investor’s portfolios performed better than others resulting in higher percentages of riskier assets reflected in our portfolio’s. While taking taxable gains during a bull market just to reallocate toward more conservative investments does not seem to desirable… hindsight (or even current sight) helps to paint a clearer picture. The unprecedented effects of Covid-19 on markets has shown us that taking gains and paying taxes is better than having the market take away those gains tax free. Below are some strategies that we employ to help prevent the “Tax tail from wagging the investment dog”

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Year End Tax Planning  Thumbnail

Year End Tax Planning

A proactive advisor will always say “no matter what time of year it is, tax planning is important”. I refer to these professionals as being “tax forward”. Employing a year-round tax planning focus helps investors reduce costs, increase performance, reduce taxes and take advantage of opportunities that may reset in the New Year. Here of some yearend tax planning strategies that might apply to your situation.

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A Checklist for Market Volatility Thumbnail

A Checklist for Market Volatility

For most people, navigating through periods of market volatility may not be an enjoyable experience. Bold headlines and extensive media coverage make it challenging to “tune out the noise”. To help provide a solution for these uncertain times we have created a “Market Volatility Checklist”.

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A Child's Savings Incentive Plan  Thumbnail

A Child's Savings Incentive Plan

The summer months for many students mean no school, a break from normal routines, late nights, vacations and trips to the pool. Amongst all this fun, many young students use this time of year to earn a few bucks through various forms of part or full-time employment. While seeing their children earn income many parents often ask, “How can I encourage my child to save or educate them on the benefits of saving early?” An idea to help parents answer this question can be found in a strategy that I have termed “A Child’s Savings Incentive Plan”.

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